Beatrice school board approves new superintendent contract

December 13, 2017 GMT

The Beatrice Board of Education approved the contract for the newly-hired superintendent, Jason Alexander, after removing a portion of the contract that deals with Alexander’s moving costs.

The board voted unanimously at its meeting Monday night to approve the contract that would pay a first year salary of $160,000 to Alexander, who is the current superintendent of Ord Public Schools. Alexander will start the position at the beginning of the 2018-2019 school year.

The council approved of nearly everything in the contract, with the exception of the open-ended moving expenses section, which was left blank in order to cover the costs of Alexander’s move to Beatrice.

“The one thing I’m not comfortable with is leaving a contract open-ended with moving expenses,” board member Janet Byars said. “I was wondering, can we do the entire contract and take the moving expenses out and make that a side agreement until that’s negotiated?”

The board would be approving the parameters for the amount, said Pat Nauroth, the current superintendent of Beatrice Public Schools. If the board didn’t want to set a dollar amount for a parameter, there was also the option of sending it out for bids.

Board member Doris Martin said she wouldn’t be comfortable signing a contract that contained a blank space for moving expenses either.

“I think either we need to say ‘we won’t spend any more than this,’ or wait until we see the bids to say what the amount is,” Martin said.

Nauroth said that the board should give a minimum of 10 days to Alexander to get bids for moving expenses, which the board agreed with. The board will later discuss the parameters with Alexander and ask that bids be in by Dec. 22.

The contract with the moving expenses provision removed was approved by all six board members.

The board also approved a negotiated agreement with the Beatrice Educational Foundation for the 2018-2019 school year.

After negotiations, the district will offer a $500 raise in base pay for teachers, putting a starting salary at $34,925.

The deal also included a modification to language in personal leave rules that would allow staff members four hours of time where they could take personal leave in increments of 30 minutes.

“That was an issue we’ve been dealing with the last few years, on staff members needing to get out for short periods of time and how would we go about doing that,” Nauroth said.

The negotiated agreement was approved unanimously.