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Blaux Portable AC Plus Wearable AC Reviews – Blaux Air Conditioner and Personal Fan Worth Buying?

June 24, 2020 GMT

Syosset, NY, United States, June 24 2020 (Wiredrelease) SABA COMMUNICATIONS INC Blaux Portable AC Reviews Update: As the heat continues to rage on this summer season, many are in need of a way to keep cool. Usual methodologies include air conditioners, but they can rack up a lot of costs and energy consumption. As a result of this, many have instead opted for the more lightweight alternatives produced by the Blaux company. They are makers of some of the markets finest cooling devices that are both portable and convenient. This review will take a look at two of the most well-known Blaux products, namely Blaux Portable AC and Blaux Wearable AC.

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Blaux Portable AC Review

This is a fully functioning, totally portable air conditioner plus air purifier that allows users to cool down any location that they are in. As described via the name, this is a fully portable product, and can easily allow users to cool themselves regardless of their location.

The high portability of this product comes from its design and size. Blaux has designed this product to be lightweight and easy to carry. The small box-like shape of the portable AC ensures that users can easily carry it from one room to another. Additionally, it can even be kept alongside the user in a vehicle or in their bag. Thus, it is the perfect way to keep cool while on the go. Despite the small size, the device functions almost akin to a regular air conditioner.

Blaux portable air conditioner unit has a multitude of features and settings that allows users to customize it to their chosen preference. In addition to this, it helps in cutting costs significantly by using up less energy than alternative products would. Thus, one does not need to worry about having to empty their wallets just to remain cool this summer season.

The product is thus garnering quite a bit of attention and is becoming the go-to option for many to remain cool in the summer. Blaux wished to provide users with a clean and easy alternative, and with that in mind, they made this as streamlined as possible.

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Blaux Portable AC Main Features


As mentioned in this review of Blaux portable AC on USAToday, this cooling device is described as miles ahead of many others in this line. And much of this has to do with the fact that this is a three in one product. This means that it provides the functionality of three different products alone. While on the surface this is a simple to use air conditioner with high portability, the Blaux company designed this with other features in mind too. The main features that users can expect to receive from this are:

Streamlined and consistent cooling. One of the premier features and perhaps the most important reason that many will get Blaux Portable AC is its cooling effect. This is both simplified to simply work out of the box. Additionally, it is consistent and works for quite a long duration. Users simply need to charge this to enjoy hours worth of uninterrupted cooling. The device uses a water cooling system that provides users with cooled and chilled air through the fan vents.

Customizability. One of the main features of this product is that it can be adjusted to meet the needs of the users flawlessly. Depending on the temperature of ones surroundings, it is possible to change the settings of the fans. This determines the coolness provided, and how fast the energy is consumed. Users also have the option to change the direction of the vents and select the direction of the air. As a result, there is quite a bit that users can change about the experience to meet their own needs.

Functions as a humidifier. Furthermore, Blaux air conditioner is a simple humidifier too. As it is primarily based around pumping out water, it takes in water through the top hole provided on the portable AC. It then begins to spray droplets of that water alongside chilled air. This aids in humidifying the air and can turn any dry environment into a humid wonderland. For particularly dry seasons, this is a boon that is much needed in addition to an air conditioner.

Provides the benefit of purification. Alongside these features, this device also aids in purifying the air. It sucks in the hot, dust-filled air and replaces it with cool, clean and refreshing air instead. With an internal filtration system, it aids in reducing dust particles and other impurities from ones surroundings.

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Pros of Using The Blaux Portable AC

Simple to use: No need to do intricate and difficult installations as it works straight out of the box.

Completely safe: There is no chance of any kind of electrification even despite the use of water in this.

Blaux portable air conditioner allows users to set the speed to meet their needs. It also provides users the ability to change the direction of the cooling to match ones requirements.

Users can get a bundled deal on the official website that provides users the choice of selecting between various offers and deals. Anyone that wants to get more than one can avail a major discount.

The product is designed to be comfortable, sleek and soundless. The produced sound level is much lower than one would expect. This leads to a chilled and relaxing experience.

The convenient size allows users to move this from any one room to another. It can be carried to ones office and other locations without any issues. This is what makes it such a lightweight and effective product to use this summer.

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Where to Buy This AC and The Cost?

This portable air conditioner can only be purchased from the official website. It is not available at your local stores or on Amazon. As for pricing, you have a few options to choose from:

1 AC unit for $89.99

2 units for $179.98

3 units for $202.48

4 units for $247.47

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Blaux Wearable AC Review

Also called Blaux Personal Fan, this is a wearable cooling fan that users can actually wear quite akin to a watch. Then, it begins to provide users with a stunning coolness effect the likes of which they have likely never seen before. The product is able to work with limited energy costs involved. The fact is that anyone can keep this device on their hand while working out or exercising to provide an additional layer of enjoyment.

Blaux managed to yet again surprise and amaze their users with the technology used in this wearable AC. It is a high quality personal fan that is especially ideal for people who are unable to stick to any one location due to work. With constantly having to move, users are able to keep this wearable AC handy at all times. A strong internal fans allows one to keep away allergic agents, while also producing cold air that calms one down. Furthermore, the product has an in-built filtration system too.

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How Does Blaux Wearable AC Work?

The main gist of the product is that it uses an in-built thermoelectric effect. This largely is based on the principles of cooling. By turning DC current into heat energy, it makes one part of the plate hot, while the other is chilled. The heat sink causes one part of the plate to become at room temperature, and then even cooler. When air gets sucked in, it goes to the cooler plate, thus coming out as chilled.

With three available fan settings, users are able to effectively change the settings to meet their needs. Blaux Personal Fan also has a notification option that gives one update on how much energy and power is left in the device. Thus, the overall system is quite simplified and one does not have to guess if they are out of energy.

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Pros of Using Blaux Wearable AC

With a high battery life, users are able to enjoy a days worth of cooling with little charging required. The product is designed for long-term cooling effects and thus functions for long periods even with little charging involved.

Cleaning the device is kept streamlined and simplified. It can be done without having to hire any kind of support or professional cleaners.

With various settings like setting the direction of the air flow and fan speeds, this is one of the most unmatched products in the market in terms of customization. This is often the case with most Blaux products.

Uses a set of LED lights and sensors that indicate current power level. This ensures an effective notification system.

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How Much Does It Cost?

The Blaux Wearable Cooling fan is reasonably priced. You get:

1 unit for $69.99

2 for $139.98

3 for $157.48

4 for $192.47

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Blaux Portable AC and Blaux Wearable AC Reviews: Final Verdict

Blaux air conditioners in general are designed around the idea of convenience and portability. With the summer season in full force, there is a need for remaining cool, but traditional air conditioners are just immobile and cost too much. This is why the use of alternative options much like this are picking up heat.

Both Blaux Portable AC and Blaux Wearable AC are among the markets finest and most used options. Much of this has to do with the simplicity they offer. But this is also due to the low cost and power consumption. Being able to keep ones cooling handy no matter their location is a huge plus too. The manufacturer Blaux, also provides discounts and price cuts to people that buy in bulk or packages. This makes the overall deal that much more appealing.

Considering these benefits, it is no surprise to see these portable and wearable air conditioners become such a prime product this summer.

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