Annual farm tour of Henry County coming up Thursday

October 3, 2016

The third annual Henry County Farm Tour, sponsored by the Paris-Henry County Chamber of Commerce, is coming up Thursday.

The chamber’s agriculture committee has organized the tour of four different and varied farms in Henry County.

Sulphur Well Church of Christ is providing the transportation for the tour. The event is free and open to the public. Breakfast, lunch, transportation and an ice cream break will be included on the tour.

The tour will begin at 7:30 a.m. at the Co-op meeting room (the former Holley carburetor plant on Highway 69) with coffee, sausage and biscuits provided by Henry Farmers Co-op.

Attendees will then be provided tours of Yoder’s Farms; Tri-Turf Sod Farm; Outback Romagnola Farm, where a hamburger and hot dog lunch will be provided by Henry Farmers Co-op; and the Norwood farm, where ice cream will be provided by Henry County Farm Bureau.

Water provided by Farm Credit Services will be available throughout the day.

David Hamilton, CEO of the Henry County Alliance, said the tour helps the public see just how working farms contribute to the county and national economy.

Studies show that one farmer feeds 155 people. Just about everything we eat, wear and use comes from American agriculture. As the world population soars, there is even greater demand for the food, fiber and renewable resources produced in the United States. Agriculture is also increasingly contributing to fuel and other bio-products.

Agriculture in Henry County is very diverse. There are farms in the county that produce almost any agriculture product.

Corn, soybeans, wheat and tobacco are the major crops, but commercial fruits and vegetables are produced here as well. Dairy, beef, swine, poultry and horse farm operations comprise the bulk of animal industries in Henry County.

Forestry is another important part of our farm economy.

Forty-eight percent of the county’s land mass is considered farmland. According to current census data, there are 79,280 farms in Tennessee, of which 958 are located in Henry County.

The average farm size in Henry County is 202 acres, compared to the state average of 138 acres. The average value of farm land and buildings in Henry County is $547,644, which is similar to the state average of $467,420.

In Henry County, the market value of all farm products, all crops and all livestock are $54.7 million, $26.6 million and $28.1 million, respectively.

According to the 2008 Tennessee Agricultural Statistics, Henry County annually produces about 95,200 acres of corn, soybeans, sorghum, wheat, tobacco, cotton and barley and continues to grow.

Henry County is also rich with agri-businesses that support our farmers and the farming industry.

For more information or to reserve your seat on the tour, call Tara Wilson at the chamber at 642-3431.