MORRISTOWN, N.J. (AP) — A man charged with arranging the murder of his wife two years ago made several "secretive" phone calls in the day leading up to the killing, the woman's sister told a judge considering what evidence to allow in the man's upcoming trial.

Authorities say Kashif Parvaiz conspired with a female accomplice to shoot his wife as they walked on a street in Boonton in August 2011. Parvaiz initially told police the couple was attacked by gunmen who called them "terrorists." Parvaiz also was injured in the shooting.

The Morris County prosecutor's office later indicted Parvaiz and Massachusetts resident Antoinette Stephen for setting up the shooting to make it look like a random attack. Stephen pleaded guilty in May.

The Daily Record of Parsippany ( reported Nazish Noorani's sister testified at a pre-trial hearing last week that Parvaiz had several secretive phone conversations in the days leading up to the shooting. Lubna Choudhry testified Parvaiz "was trying to talk on the phone, hiding. He wanted to talk very privately so nobody hears him."

Parvaiz ultimately confessed to the killing but his attorney has contended the statement was made before Parvaiz was advised of his rights, the newspaper reported.

Stephen and Parvaiz exchanged text messages in the days leading up to the shooting, including one sent from a phone listed to Stephen's father to Parvaiz that read, "You hang in there. Freedom is just around ur corner," according to an arrest affidavit released by the Morris County Prosecutor's Office in the days after the shooting.

Subsequent texts from Stephen's number described driving around the neighborhood to see how far away the nearest police station was, according to the affidavit.


Information from: Daily Record (Parsippany, N.J.),