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Planning commission recommends change to city code

March 24, 2018

NORFOLK - The Norfolk Planning Commission recommended an amendment to the city code regarding ceiling height.

During Tuesday’s meeting, Prevention Manager with the Norfolk Fire Division Trent Howard told commissioners the change is being requested because many times building permits are denied due to a basement not meeting the height requirements.

Howard said the result of that is citizens wouldn’t get a permit since they knew the required height, and remodeled their basements anyway.

“What we did with a lot of input from many people, we took it down to a minimum now of 6 foot 8 inches on any home that was built prior to 2000. I think most homes now - the ceiling heights in the basements are really tall” Howard said.

He said he doesn’t want there to be a lot of low basements as it’s a safety concern especially for Norfolk Fire and Rescue when responding to a call.

The commissioners voted unanimously to recommend the amendment to the city code.