Pitts inflames divide with his bitter anger -- Raymond Unger

May 8, 2018 GMT

Many of us have endured the weekly reproaches of Leonard Pitts Jr.‘s columns. But his column on Monday, “We don’t need to ‘understand’ Trump supporters,” crossed a line.

Criticism of President Donald Trump’s supporters is fair. But when Pitts writes “as several studies now show, a sense of alarmed displacement among white, Christian America is the soil from which the weed of Trumpism grew,” that is the very definition of bigotry. Maligning a group of people, in this case white Christians, would not be tolerated if Pitts wrote the same thing about Muslims or Jews. I am a white Christian, but our church includes people of many races and, yes, many Democrats. God does not see race, he sees the heart. But Pitts won’t or can’t.

Then Pitts writes, “Here’s the thing: The rest of us (non-Trump supporters) have the moral high ground.”

I’m sorry, but when Pitts says he won’t talk to or doesn’t want to understand a giant slice of the American people -- and then claims the moral high ground -- he does nothing to heal the racial divide. In fact, he inflames it. We don’t need bitter anger and condescending judgment, we need cool-headed conversation.

Raymond Unger, Madison