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Police searching for suspect in multiple stabbings

April 8, 2021 GMT

MINNEAPOLIS (AP) — Police in Minneapolis searched Thursday for a man who stabbed three people around the city in March, killing one of them.

The stabbings occurred on March 17, according to a police news release. The man stabbed 78-year-old Maria Elena Mantini at a bus shelter and fled on foot. She later died.

About 10 minutes later he stabbed a 76-year-old man who was standing on the sidewalk waiting for his wife to emerge from a doctor’s appointment. The suspect stabbed the man multiple times before fleeing on foot. The victim was taken to a clinic for treatment.

About 15 minutes later the suspect stabbed a 28-year-old man while he was sitting in bus shelter more than a mile away from the sidewalk attack. The suspect again fled and the victim was taken to a clinic for treatment.


Police say the attacker in all three incidents was the same man. Investigators have described him as between 5-foot-7 and 5-foot-9 with black hair and facial hair. His age is unknown.