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Dixon turkey will be trotting off to a new life

December 13, 2017 GMT

DIXON – I love happy endings, don’t you?

My voicemail asks callers to leave me a message and a little bit about what I can do for them. Imagine my delight to find this little missive this afternoon from my new phone crush:

“Hi Kathleen, this is Gary Ortgiesen ... I wanted to thank you for your concern and everything that you had done for me already. I really appreciate that. So very nice.

“I still have the turkey! You know, I was like a kid getting up expecting a Christmas present this morning. Oh, a beautiful morning, at daybreak, and the turkey was right out there in front, he was sleeping, he had his head down and he was just kind of sleeping, standing up ... and I went and got the feed, and he really ate heartily.

“He’s well fed now again, and at the moment he’s disappeared ... and I have found someone that will take him.

“There were others, but the first one that asked, I will honor their wish. There was one party that thought it was theirs, they had lost a turkey back in July, and when they saw the picture they messaged me and told me that it wasn’t – it wasn’t theirs.

“So, well, thank you so much, Kathleen, I really appreciate it. Will hope to meet you sometime! Take care and happy holidays. Bye bye.”

Once again, I am verklempt.

Thanks, from me, and from Mr. Ortgiesen, and from that homeless-no-more tom or tomasina, to all who responded so warmly.