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Anna Swigart: Where the blame really belongs

November 17, 2018


Setting the record straight: Lie No. 1: Reagan claims that Democrats have a monopoly on hate. The pipe bombs, the attacks on a Jewish Synagogue and the recent attacks and threats against our Senator Flake.

These were not coming from Democrats, folks. Enough said. Lie No. 2: When democrats are against the wall then they want open borders and it’s because they hate the President. No, we have an immigration problem but many of us are socially liberal and fiscally conservative.

We want a comprehensive immigration plan that addresses border security, the DACA students, 10 year + wait times for citizenship and the serious problem that occurs when working immigrants overstay their visas.

We see the wall with cost between $18-$40 billion as a fiscally irresponsible band aid on a fire hose during a time when our deficit is ballooning from tax breaks to the wealthy. Lie No. 3: Liberals want to win the house and senate to impeach President Trump.

No, we have watched the republican majority lead congress and senate cheat, block and steal by using a so called “nuclear option” to force Superior Court appointments. We have lost trust that the GOP will put this Country above their party if the President is found guilty of crimes. Many of us believe the republicans are afraid of this president (one tweet and they are unelectable). We need balance against his power and we need it now. If this President was found guilty of crimes, we believe that the GOP will not put this country above their party to do what is patriotically necessary.

Anna Swigart


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