Orchids and Onions: Wednesday, January 2, 2019

January 3, 2019 GMT

Another beautiful day in Havasu...

Orchids to Lake Havasu City, everywhere I went this year, every clerk said Merry Christmas! Not once did I hear happy holidays. Love this town, Merry Christmas to all!

Onions to the construction on Lake Havasu Avenue. I think it’s inviting more problems than it is supposed to solve. The only thing it needs now is a useless traffic circle.

Orchids to Audra, at Lake Havasu Family Eye Care. Took an unfortunate situation and turned it around with skill, compassion and by listening to both sides. The practice is lucky to have you. Thank you, the gardening lady.

Onions to the hardware store. Having veterans register for a benefit they have already earned is ridiculous. Shame on you, my money will be spent elsewhere. I don’t care if their prices are $30 more. At least I know my money was spent well.

Orchids to Montana Steak house for our nice party. It had great decor and efficient staff, including; Michelle, Amber, Jules, and others. Merry Christmas, and a wonderful 2019. Thank You!

Onions to the city for not enforcing City ordinance 10.08.180 bike, scooter and all wheel vehicles on the sidewalk at the channel. Just a matter of time before someone will be injured by one of the tight pants arrogant bike riders. 1000 miles of trails and paths to ride on but choose the walking path.

Orchids to the atheist for speaking your truth. You have the courage that many do not have, when living in a town that expects you to be religiously correct. I admire you.

Onions to the brew crew. As we all laugh at the game of tit for tat, and wonder how this can be anything but infantile, it fails in comparison to the whispering and girlish gossip about others. Even a group of bingo-playing women gossip less than this fermented hop group. Keep up the girlish charm, guys!

Orchids to the atheist for not being afraid to speak up in such a narrow minded town. Over 4000 religions in the world... who is to say which is correct and true?

Onions to the two teachers that had a very inappropriate conversation in my son’s class about God and Christmas. Congratulations geniuses. My son does not believe in God now. This will definitely be addressed when school is back in session!

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