Exam ‘glitch’ causes even more anxiety for aspiring lawyers

July 28, 2020 GMT

LANSING, Mich. (AP) — Hundreds of people seeking to become lawyers in Michigan took an online exam Tuesday that had problems with passwords, officials said.

The bar exam is typically a two-day, in-person test. But coronavirus restrictions turned it into a one-day online essay exam with extraordinary conditions to prevent cheating, the Detroit Free Press reported.

Software disconnected the internet on computers and turned on the camera and microphone, the newspaper said.

Internet access was restored after each section so test takers could log in and get a password for the next stage, but there was a “technical glitch” with passwords at one point.

“As a result of this delay, test takers were notified via email that the testing day will be adjusted to allow additional time and account for those who got in late,” Michigan Supreme Court spokesman John Nevin said in the afternoon.

The problem added anxiety to a stressful day.

“No one I’ve talked to is able to access the second module of the exam. So this is going great so far,” Tyler Silvestri said on Twitter.