Pennsylvania’s insurance enrollment dips slightly to 370,000

December 20, 2018 GMT

HARRISBURG, Pa. (AP) — The number of Pennsylvanians enrolling in insurance plans sold through the federal marketplace for 2019 shrank slightly for a second straight year, despite stable premiums and an increased choice of plans.

Nearly 370,000 Pennsylvanians signed up for coverage for the coming year, according to figures released this week. Enrollment for 2018 was 400,000 and 426,000 in 2017.

State officials criticized President Donald Trump’s administration for slashing federal funding for marketing and assistance in helping people sign up. Meanwhile, Congress repealed a financial penalty for Americans who remain uninsured, and Trump’s administration opened the way for competition from lower-cost insurance that covers less.


Pennsylvania’s insurance commissioner, Jessica Altman, also points out that Pennsylvania’s unemployment has shrunk and payrolls have grown over the past year.

Coverage begins January 1.