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Express Train Collides With Parked Freight Train

August 29, 1991 GMT

MULTAN, Pakistan (AP) _ An express train collided with a parked freight train in central Pakistan early Thursday, killing at least five passengers and injuring 92, railway officials said.

It was the second major crash in three months involving an express train traveling from Rawalpindi-Islamabad to the southern port of Karachi, and was certain to heighten criticism of the country’s antiquated rail system.

The crash occurred at 2 a.m., about six miles southwest of Multan in Punjab Province, said railway officials, speaking on condition of anonymity.


The express was given the go-ahead to pass through Piran Ghaib station, about halfway through the 25-hour journey, but the freight train, packed with fertilizer, was parked on the same track, the officials said.

The cause of the crash was not known, they said.

In June, an express train collided with a parked freight train in Ghotki in southern Sindh Province, killing at least 100 people. Investigators said the accident was caused by negligence by station workers.

More than eight major train crashes have occurred in the past two years in Pakistan.