Staying in contact with teachers

September 25, 2018

Starting a school year, students experience many different highs and lows. Most of the time the good outweighs the bad, but schools have been dealing with a particular subject that has gone on for far too long — student-teacher relationships.

Are student-teacher relationships something we really need to worry about in small-town Nebraska?

Coming from a small school, I believe it is important for students to stay in contact with teachers outside the school facility. Our community is so small that everyone knows everything about everyone, meaning that the whole town would be aware if something was happening between a student and his or her teacher.

We all know of instances in other towns that have happened in the past, but I truly think that some people overreact to the situations that are happening around our communities. When teachers do contact their students outside of school, they make sure it still revolves around school. These messages may be a reminder to bring an important note back to school or simply just to ask what the score is to a volleyball game.

I believe student-teacher relationships are something that we should keep our eye on, but I do not think there should be any new laws enforced on students communicating with their teachers outside the facility. If that were the case, students from Northeast Nebraska wouldn’t be able to talk to many people in their community.

I think this is just a case of the teachers need to know that they are at school to teach for a living. The students also need to realize that they are in school to learn and better their future. School offers way too many benefits for a few bad incidents in the past to cut off all outside communication between students and teachers.

Some schools experience inappropriate communication between students and teachers. I do not think that it happens enough for schools to ban outside communication with students. Students and teachers both need to be smart, and school should continue to be a positive environment for everyone.

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