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Voice of the people: Marijuana should not be legalized

October 29, 2018 GMT

The marijuana of 2018 is not the cannabis of 1968. It is a far more dangerous substance that cannot be legalized on November 6. Back in the days of Woodstock, weed only contained 5 percent THC. Today, pot products are often sold with up to 99 percent THC.

This is not your mama’s marijuana. Pot is not only routinely consumed through smoking, but also as a gummy, candy, soda, and other kinds of edible treats. These kinds of cannabis products especially appeal to the most vulnerable in our communities, the young.

We know that there are many side effects to marijuana use, brain development being one which will greatly impact adolescent users. However, the greatest threat is its relationship to other types of drug abuse. A study by the National Institute on Drug Abuse found that 70 percent of illegal drug users started with marijuana.

The evidence is clear in Colorado. Opioid deaths have risen every year since the legalization of marijuana. Studies have shown that marijuana is not an effective treatment for chronic pain and does not reduce opioid use.

We cannot allow an industry that sells highly potent and unregulated products to thrive in our state.

David Goodknecht