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Dream Telling Her to See Situation in a Different Light

December 17, 2018 GMT

Dear Dream Retriever: I emailed you a few months ago regarding a dream I had. I had a lot going on, left my job to care for a sibling, etc.

In my most recent dream, I am looking out of my bedroom window at my neighbor cutting the field with his tractor. I turn around, and I am at a table with my husband getting ready to discuss plans to build a house. When I am introduced to the builder, he extends his hand to shake mine, but I am unable to due to a deformity, or my hand is stuck in the jacket and I can only see the ball of my hand. The builder steps back and straightens, and when I look at him, he now has a glass eye. I have no idea why we would be building a home, as we are on our way to retirement not too soon in the future, and our first grandchild is soon to arrive. I am back to work, and my family member was moved closer to our family. -- Troubled

Dear Troubled: Looking out the window would suggest your outlook on or insight into a matter. You see your neighbor cutting the field with his tractor. The mowing of grass is your need to maintain a neat and well-groomed appearance, either for yourself or the situation. Eating with your husband and discussing building a new house is you having a conversation with the intellectual part of yourself (masculine energy is knowledge) about a new you. Then, you are introduced to the part of you that you have employed to recreate yourself, and you are unable to make the connection due to a deformity of your hand. Your hands give you the ability to give out and take in. In all aspects of our lives, it is what we give and take for ourselves and what we give and take from others. Deformity says you feel that change is not possible. You then step back and your attention is brought to the builder’s glass eye. The eye is about what we see, what we are conscious of. When you look though glass, you can see a situation but can’t touch it.

This all indicates that you are aware of what the situation is. You want to maintain the way you see it and are not open to the changes needed to welcome the situation in a new light.

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