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Lefty loons are the root of all evil

April 13, 2019 GMT

The last time I checked, politicians worked for the people. I now hear the roar coming from the radical left loons about changing our constitution. It has worked just fine since it was written, and yet I’m not aware of any outcry from the public suggesting these changes have ever been considered as necessary.

These radical lefty loons have to be the lousiest batch and poorest example of politicians ever assembled in the history of our country.

To hell with the public and full speed ahead. Personal power and greed above all else. Jonathan Gruber, the architect of Obama’s health care, told us the American people are stupid and couldn’t comprehend anyway, so press on, no matter what.

Wake up, America. Every hero that fought and died for this country did so for our constitution and flag. They didn’t fight to change anything, especially change that would only benefit a bunch of lunatics at best.

Carlton Toler



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