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Digital Mike: Web sites can enhance your autumn splendor adventure in Minnesota

October 20, 2018 GMT

There’s still more fall ahead, but I feel like the MEA week is sort of the peak for autumn in our neck of the woods. So I bring you a bushel basket of sites that might help savor the flavor of the season.

Minnesota grown

Apples are the quintessential items of an autumn adventure in Minnesota. Check out Minnesota Grown site for locating an apple orchard. There are many great choices in our region that will give you just apples or even more activities. What I like is it has mapping features that allow you to narrow your geographic search. And if apples aren’t your thing, maybe it’s pumpkins. Just plug in your product and you’ll find it. You’ll also help Minnesota businesses. Give it a look.


One more time

The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources ′ Fall Color Finder is key to enjoying autumn. Dig into the site and get your glimpse of how the flags of autumn are progressing. It’s prime leaf peeping time in our region, so take some time to enjoy before a windy or rainy day does its damage and propels us into winter. You can also sign up for updates to your email or cell phone, so take a moment to check it out.


Trivia time

When you’re out and about, it’s important to know what you’re seeing or at least be able to talk smart. How? How about the DNR’s Minnesota facts? You can find the biggest, longest, coldest and more in our natural resources. I love it.


Know before you go

You also need a road update. There’s still some lingering road construction and an occasional snow flurry, so you want to know what’s happening on your path. Check out the Minnesota Department of Transportation’s road conditions map. I work this site a lot for my real job and I’ve seen it improve each year. It’s got highway cameras, snowplow cameras, weather alerts and even traffic speed indicators. It’s got a lot that can help your trip. Just don’t look at it while you’re driving. Leave that to the navigator.



One last item. I love lists and a friend spotted this list of the most beautifully designed theaters in each state. It makes me wish we could do one that captures all of Minnesota’s theaters. But for now, we have to settle for one per state. Give it a look. It’s a delight. I’d love to see a show, movie or concert in each. It’s a good reminder to soak up the architecture wherever your road takes you.