Karen McDougal, Playboy Playmate, claims she had an affair with Donald Trump: Report

February 16, 2018 GMT

A new woman alleges she had an extramarital affair with President Trump in 2006, according to a Friday report in the New Yorker.

Former Playboy Playmate Karen McDougal said that she met Mr. Trump at the Playboy Mansion after he taped an episode of his reality show “The Apprentice” on the grounds. Famed publisher Hugh Hefner threw a party for those on the show, along with several of his own Playmates.

Ms. McDougal said she and the future president began an affair, which she wrote about and gave to the New Yorker. She said she signed a contract with American Media Inc., publisher of the National Inquirer, for exclusive rights to her story in exchange to run a fitness column. The tabloid reportedly buried the story and did not fulfill the agreement in the contract.

The White House told the New Yorker that the story is “fake news.” American Media Inc. said it did not move ahead with the story due to questions of credibility.

Recently, another women, porn star Stephanie Clifford who goes by the name Stormy Daniels, came forward claiming she had an extramarital affair with Mr. Trump around the same time. Mr. Trump’s longtime personal lawyer Michael Cohen says he was the one who paid Ms. Clifford $130,000 to remain quiet about her story. Mr. Cohen said the payment did not mean the allegation was true, but it was close to Election Day and he did not want the story to harm Mr. Trump in the final days of the campaign.