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BISD superintendent accompanies students to school

August 29, 2017 GMT

BISD Superintendent Esperanza Zendejas makes it a priority to ride a school bus with a group of students to their first day of school every year.

On Monday, Zendejas took bus No. 668 driven by Marco Saldierna to PerkinsMiddle School, and greeted students as they got on the bus.

“As the superintendent I always ride the bus on the first day and sometimes later during the year as well,” Zendejas said. “It puts me in contact with the students (and) the parents.”

At every stop on the way to Perkins, the superintendent stood up from her seat and greeted every student that got on the bus with a handshake and a smile.

“Transportation is a major piece in the district’s puzzle in regards to operations because without the bus drivers we would have significant attendance problems,” Zendejas said.

Zendejas said it’s important for the students to see adults who care about their education.

The superintendent said BrownsvilleIndependentSchool District officials will be monitoring attendance for the first two weeks to see how many students are enrolled in BISD this year.

Zendajas said school enrollment will most likely increase since the district has opened its doors for students who have been affected by Hurricane Harvey.

“These kids either they’re visiting here with relatives they probably think, ‘No you can’t go to school here because you don’t live here’ but children should not be out of school whether it’s for three weeks or two weeks or whatever the case may be,” Zendejas said.


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