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Life after death: After losing twins, parents blessed with a daughter

September 5, 2018

FLORENCE, S.C. — After losing two children, Scottie and Devan Moree have been blessed with a baby girl: Saylor Moree.

Last year on July 24, Scottie and Devan were six months into their first pregnancy with twin boys, Sullivan and Sawyer, when unexpectedly Scottie gave birth to them three months early.

Scottie, who is a Hemingway native, said she had been in some pain during the pregnancy but wasn’t sure what she was feeling.

“It was the first time I had ever been pregnant,” Scottie said. “So, I didn’t know what I was feeling.”

Scottie and Devan went to East Cooper Medical Center in Mount Pleasant, where the nurses saw how bad the situation was and transferred them immediately to the Medical University of South Carolina (MUSC) Medical Center.

“It still didn’t register with me, because we didn’t even call our parents,” Scottie said. “I didn’t tell anybody we were going. We just went. When we got up there, you could just see it on their faces. It was like this is bad. It still wasn’t clicking in my head. Because I had never been pregnant, I didn’t know.”

Scottie said the severity of the situation finally dawned on her when they were being transported to MUSC. Upon arrival, doctors told Scottie and Devan they were going to have the twins that day and they could either fight to resuscitate the twins or let them go.

There was a 5 percent chance the babies wouldn’t have cerebral palsy and a small chance they’d even survive, Scottie said. The couple were given 30 minutes to make their decision, because the babies were coming.

“That’s not really a decision you want to make in 30 minutes,” Scottie said.

Scottie and Devan spent the day with friends and family, and she had the twins around 7:45 p.m. She said she and her husband had peace in the situation, because she knew they would be OK.

Scottie said one thing that helped them through the grief of losing two children was knowing they didn’t have to worry about the twins.

“It wasn’t as hard for my husband as it was for me, but we knew that our babies were OK,” Scottie said. “We knew that we didn’t have to worry about them. It’s still hard, because I don’t think you’re ever prepared to bury a baby at all, ever, but we knew that they were OK.”

Scottie and Devan decided to try to have a child as soon as they were given the doctor’s clearance, which was October. Scottie conceived in October, and her due date was July 24, the same date her twins were born.

“We knew right away we wanted to try again,” Scottie said.

Scottie had her daughter, Saylor, two weeks early on July 12. She also said the second pregnancy went smoothly, and the baby was healthy.

Scottie said after being pregnant twice, she is glad to finally hold her daughter.

“Finally getting your hands on something you’ve been waiting on,” Scottie said. “I’d been pregnant for two years. It was a long two years, but I finally got my hands on her.”

Scottie said she still thinks about Sullivan and Sawyer every day, but having Saylor has made it easier.

“They’re fine,” Scottie said. “We know exactly where they’re at. We don’t have to worry about them at all.”

Through going through the loss of two children, Scottie said, she hopes to encourage other parents through the loss.

“I know it happens every day,” Scottie said. “I just want them to know their babies are OK. If anybody needs to talk to me, I’d be glad to. I know it is a hard thing whether you lose them at 18 weeks or 23 weeks.”