Thanksgiving pushed aside, underrated

November 20, 2018 GMT

Thanksgiving? What day is it this year? It’s in November, right?

These are frequently asked questions when November finally rolls around. After the Halloween high, most kids, or even older people, push Thanksgiving to the side and start thinking about Christmas already. Just walk into any retail store for proof. It seems like not even a week after Halloween and Christmas decorations are already up on the shelves.

But Christmas is in the winter and Thanksgiving is in the fall, so why the push for Christmas so early?

Thanksgiving is definitely an underrated holiday. This day, or even the entire weekend, is a time that is meant to bring family and friends together to celebrate life and love they have for one another. The fact that this holiday gets pushed to the side by so many people is sad. Thanksgiving should be a time families cherish; not just that holiday before Christmas.


As a society, I think the best way we can appreciate this holiday more is by appreciating everyone else more. This means forgetting about yourself and your needs and thinking about other people and what they need.

Angie Brodersen, FCS teacher at Pierce High School, said, “Thanksgiving is a moment in time when families need to force themselves to slow down and enjoy the view. One day devoted to one another and cherishing moments before they become distant memories.”

To get the most out of Thanksgiving, we need to remember the acronym F.A.M.I.L.Y. — Forget About Me, I Love You.

This Thanksgiving, challenge yourself to do this and you might see a change in the way you look at this holiday.