Maine enrolls over 6,000 in MaineCare so far

February 16, 2019 GMT

AUGUSTA, Maine (AP) — The administration of Maine’s new Democratic governor says the state’s enrolled over 6,200 under voter-approved Medicaid expansion since January.

The Department of Health and Human Services in a Friday post says Maine is partnering with advocacy non-profit group Consumers for Affordable Health Care to sign up more enrollees through workshops and special enrollment days.

Voters approved expansion for over 70,000 Mainers in 2017, but Gov. Janet Mills’ GOP predecessor, Paul LePage, blocked expansion over his fiscal concerns.


Mills rolled-out expansion on her first day, and her two-year budget relies on expected future tax revenues to provide nearly $150 million for Maine’s share of expansion. Her budget estimates $830 million in federal funding.

Maine’s exploring allowing hospitals to screen people for Medicaid eligibility and directly enroll them on a short-term basis.