Nicole Kidman praises older actresses for ‘paving the way’

November 23, 2018 GMT

Nicole Kidman has praised actresses including Meryl Streep and Dame Judi Dench for “paving the way” for older actresses.

The 51-year-old actress has slammed Hollywood for placing a “due date” on women in the industry by making it hard for them to get roles after they reach a certain age, but hailed older stars including Meryl, Judi, Maggie Smith, and Glenn Close, for pushing to change Hollywood’s attitude.

Speaking at her ‘Life in Pictures’ talk at Bafta in London, the ‘Big Little Lies’ star said: “There’s a time in this industry where they go ‘Oh well, you are past your due date ... we are moving on to the next thing’.


“Having people like Meryl Streep and Susan Sarandon and Glenn Close ... it gives you a chance.

“In this country you’ve got Maggie Smith and Judi Dench, the greats. They are paving the way.”

Nicole - who has is Sunday Rose, 10, and Faith, seven, with her husband Keith, as well as Isabella, 25, and Connor, 23, whom she adopted during her marriage to first husband Tom Cruise - is determined to keep her career going strong, and even admitted recently that she would be willing to get “really hurt” for the sake of her career.

She said: “I have certain boundaries but I also have a very strong commitment artistically that I’m willing to commit to. But it’s my choice.

“Even something like ‘Big Little Lies’, we’re doing scenes where I’m actually physically getting hurt, bruised - really hurt. But I’m in it and doing it because I feel that doing that will somehow make the scene better and I know what I’m doing.”

The ‘Destroyer’ actress admitted that her attitude and approach sometimes leaves her in a “strange” scenario.

She said, according to the Metro: “It’s a very strange thing being a very committed artist and always finding what your boundaries are and how far you’re willing to go.”