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24/7 Fitness expanding, adding new members

December 9, 2016 GMT

In December 2015, Adam Gollas opened 24|7 Fitness with the idea of providing a gym that is accessible around the clock and offering equipment to fit everyone’s workout.

A year later, Gollas has expanded the gym. Adding more space, equipment and a mini Max Muscle store.

“Our current facility was 5,000 square feet and we’ve expanded by 2,000 square feet,” Gollas said. “We have quite a few members and it’s been going really well. Well enough to where our facility was getting crowded. Around 5 or 6 o’clock, it would just get jammed up. This helps with the flow of traffic.”

Gollas said that 80-90 percent of gym goers use some form of supplement, so he thought they would make getting those supplements easier for his members by bringing in Max Muscle Sports Nutrition products.

“We were able to get it worked out to where they would let us do a mini store inside the gym, with hopes that one day it will grow into a full-blown Max Muscle store,” said Gollas. “We did a soft opening for about three weeks just to see what people were wanting and we made it part of our grand opening of the new expansion.”

Gollas said they wanted to get their feet wet to see how things went, and it has gone better than expected.

“You always have high hopes that it goes well, but it has gone really well,” he said. “People are buying product and now people are starting to comeback and give feedback about the product. They like the flavors and they like the results. My wife and I wanted to do Max Muscle because we’re pretty big believers in their line. It’s (the gym) now kind of a one stop shop for our members.”

He said they are doing a promotion every couple of weeks.

“We’ll crack open bags of stuff and sample it out,” said Gollas.

Gollas is focused on making the gym experience a good one to help people live a healthy life style. He looks at the trends in equipment and selects equipment that will be the most beneficial to the members.

“Like the Arc Trainers. They’re similar to an elliptical, but an elliptical goes up and down, these go in a forward motion so it’s much easier on your knees. These are really popular with universities and their athletes.”

In the new addition are the free weights. Gollas has added a third set of dumbbells as well as fixed straight and curl bars.

“You can just grab the weight you want, you don’t have to keep changing plates,” said Gollas. “If you are working out with somebody, you’re constantly changing weight and this keeps your from having to mess with plates. It also keeps the gym clean and we don’t have plates scattered everywhere.”

Gollas wanted the entire space to be one big open area because it is more inviting and he wants everyone to feel comfortable using all of the equipment.