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Conrad Berdon: Questions about state parks

December 19, 2018


I actually have a couple of questions: First of all, on the matter of the fired head of our Arizona State Parks, what a mess she helped create. Does she get a pension? If she does she’s laughing all the way to the bank. I’m retired with no pension from my employer. Secondly, I’m on board with the state charging out-of-staters the same amount we pay for our OHV sticker. We have many friends that are snow birds and they’ve said they would have no problem paying the $25 that we pay especially if much of those funds go to Arizona Parks and Trails. A sideline to that issue is the noise levels some of these rigs make. Some are obnoxiously loud as are some motorcycles, cars and boats and as many of the OHVs are street legal, the noise is getting louder with their increased numbers. Is there anything happening in our city to curb the growing noise problem? Thank you very much!

Conrad Berdon

Lake Havasu City

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