TV Fix Caster -- Your Screencast Device in 2020

July 10, 2020 GMT

New York, NY - ( NewMediaWire ) - July 10, 2020 - What is TV Fix Caster?

It is a device that enables you to view videos and stream content from Netflix and YouTube, etc., directly to a large TV screen or display. A TV Fix Caster may be small, but it is powerful. It’s wireless, very portable, and does not require an app or software downloads. Even the least techy among us can get this device up and running without a headache. It will work with almost any WiFi-enabled device for free with no monthly access fees.

Technical Specification

Without getting too technical, the TV Fix Caster uses the 2.4G radio frequency and supports all the most commonly used video, audio, and photo formats. So you should have no problems with files not being read.

- High-quality display: On seeing the TV Fix Caster’s picture quality, you will begin to question your cable subscription seriously. H.265 decoding is supported as are HD 1080 pixel playback, 4k, and high-resolution HDMI output with a 50% increase in processing speed.


- Broad compatibility: You can be sure of wide-ranging compatibility with the TV Fix Caster. It supports over 2,000 apps and works with an array of wireless devices such as smart TVs, laptops, projectors, and monitors, etc. Not forgetting, of course, its compatibility with game consoles, home theaters, PowerPoint presentations, and video conferencing if you are working from home or want to chat face to face with family.

- OS compatibility: It is compatible with Android and iOS.

- Size: It’s small dimensions mean it can be carried around with ease. It could never be accused of taking up too much space.

- Durability: It’is reassuringly built to last. You can feel that in the premium material used in its construction. And it looks good too.

-  Ease of use: The ace in the pack is its simplicity. No vast IT knowledge is required to get this casting device up and running out of the box.

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 Advantages of this product

That’s an easy one:

-  Streams, videos, TV shows, and even games from your device straight to your TV screen.

-   A smart TV is not needed so long as your current TV has HDMI capability

-   TV Fix Caster supports over two thousand entertainment apps.

-   There are multiple play modes.

-    It is cost-efficient; you will be happy to ditch cable.

-   It comes with a 30-day refund guarantee.

-   Plug and play.

-   It does not require a separate remote.

-   High definition picture quality.

-   A 50% discount is usually on offer.


 If there are any cons, it’s the requirement for a stable internet connection or WiFi. This connectivity is usually not a problem for most people these days. Oh, and it is in big demand, so stock may not always be immediately available. Move fast to avoid disappointment and bag your TV Fix Caster today on the official maker’s website.

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What can I watch with the TV Fix Caster?

In short, any media that you can playback or view on your smartphone or other mobile devices. Whether it’s Amazon Prime or Netflix, your favorite torrent, or YouTube channel, the TV Fix Caster has you covered. If you can play it on your phone, you can cast it. And don’t forget, you can also cast music from the likes of Spotify and Google Music, and internet radio stations. With such a vast selection and excellent picture quality, many people doubt the wisdom of their cable TV package. The TV Fix Caster is not just for home entertainment though. It also has applications for work and education. It makes for an excellent learning tool to help present lectures or teach study groups, classes, seminars, or presentations.

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How do I set up my TV Fix Caster?

There are four easy steps:

1.    Unpack your device and plug it into your TV’s HDMI port

2.    Plug it in the USB power cable which came included

3.    With your TV remote, change the input setting to HDMI

4.    Pair the device to your WiFi.

 And that’s it, all done in less than five minutes. Next, pick out what you wish to watch from your device display.

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To whom is the TV Fix Caster aimed?

The device is for anyone fed up with watching videos and other content on a tiny cell phone screen. And anyone wishing to share content with an audience. The target audience is a very wide demographic as the TV Fix Caster is super easy to set up and use.

 How much does a TV Fix Caster cost?

It’s very affordable, even more so if you can cancel your cable TV subscription. With 50% off, you will pay about $50. But there are good discounts for buying in bulk, with four units costing just over $137. The price quoted here does not include shipping.

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 Who makes the TV Fix Caster?

The TV Fix Caster is made in Hong Kong by a subsidiary company of Strong Currents, a big player in home electronics. The TV Fix Caster is a product made by TV Fix who specializes in high tech devices. They are based on Hung To Road, in the Kwun Tong district of Hong Kong. You can email them at

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 Review conclusion

After much thought and careful deliberation, we can unhesitatingly recommend the TV Fix Caster. It is a good buy. Do not put off buying this brilliant device and get it at half price. With the month-long refund guarantee, you don’t have anything to lose. It is a win-win. You get to keep your existing television and have access to entirely free channels and content. It is also a pretty cool gadget, and there’s zero chance of the TV Fix Caster spying on you.

 While the TV Fix Caster is a home entertainment solution, it can double up for business and educational purposes. With lots of reviews from satisfied customers, there is plenty to suggest you won’t be disappointed either. It is a relatively low-cost solution to dramatically enhance your TV viewing and make better use of all your digital mobile devices.

 All you are required to have is a standard HDMI-enabled TV. Chances are unless your TV is completely ancient, you have one already. Plus, you will need a mobile device such as your cell phone, a PC, tablet, laptop, and a reliable WiFi connection to get started with casting to a large screen. For less than the cost of a monthly cable TV subscription, you can upgrade your home entertainment. You will get your TV set to connect to the web and enjoy all the possibilities.

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Do I have to pay a monthly subscription?

No. There’s nothing more to pay after your initial purchase to get good quality content.

 What else do I need to buy?

Nothing. Everything you need, such as connectors and cables, are all included. It is plug and play simplicity.

 My devices are getting old, will it work with them?

The TV Fix Caster works with any device that’s capable of using WiFi. You should have no worries about compatibility with laptops, computers, and cell phones, etc.

 Will TV Fix Caster work with my domestic WiFi connection?

The TV Fix Caster is speedy and will work with most routers used in the home or office.

 Can I use multiple TV Fix Casters on my other devices and TVs?

Yes, that will present no problems. And you will get a discount for a bulk order if you buy them all at once.

 Is the TV Fix Caster secure?

Yes, very secure. Unlike other casting devices, this one will not log your viewing history. It does not report back to HQ about your viewing habits. It was designed with privacy in mind, and to be safe and secure from snoopers.

 Why is the TV Fix Caster on pre-order?

There is currently some disruption to both the supply chain and logistics. That’s why it is on pre-order at the moment. But this will undoubtedly change.

 When will my pre-order be delivered then?

Delivery is generally within two weeks from the date your order was accepted. Please be patient and support us. We are trying our best to get your TV Fix Caster to you as quickly as humanly possible.

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