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Caroline Kennedy, Schlossberg Honeymoon on Maui

July 22, 1986 GMT

BOSTON (AP) _ Caroline Kennedy and Edwin A. Schlossberg, married over the weekend, are honeymooning in Hawaii and will go on to Japan, a newspaper report says.

The Patriot Ledger of Quincy reported Monday that the couple, married Saturday on Cape Cod, arrived in Maui Sunday afternoon and will spend two weeks in Hawaii. They will visit Tokyo and Osaka and return home Aug. 20, the newspaper said.

Honeymoon plans for the only daughter of the late President John F. Kennedy had been a closely guarded secret.

Ms. Kennedy, 28, and Schlossberg, 42, spent their wedding night at the Ritz-Carlton Hotel in Boston.

″I picked them up - in the still of the night - at 11:50, after the reception, at the side entrance of Jacqueline Onassis’ house (in Hyannis Port), so nobody would see them,″ said Maurice McEvoy, owner of Cape Cod Limousine Service. McEvoy told the newspaper that the couple did not drink the bottle of Dom Perignon champagne that was waiting for them in his silver- and-white limousine.

McEvoy said he spent the night at the hotel and drove the couple to Logan International Airport for their flight to Hawaii on Sunday morning.