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Too many taxes coming our way

March 24, 2019

It’s the legislative law-growing season, and the majority party in Hartford has been spawning a crop of horrid bills, taxes, fees, burdensome mandates and measures of overreach and control as I have never seen in the 27 years I’ve been a Connecticut resident.

The plethora of new taxes and tolls, supported by some of the Bethel area’s own legislators, are not in our interest and will eventually force higher property taxes on top of most regressive increases in the reach and scope of what will be subject to the sales tax. The middle class will take it on the chin!

There’s just not enough fiscally conservative voices to resist this onslaught.

Elections have consequences, and when voting in the 2020 Presidential election, our trifecta-leftist legislature has already nullified the votes of Connecticut citizens, deferring to a popular national vote. Basically, our votes won’t matter, and somehow our left-wing elected state officials think that’s a good idea.

Connecticut will continue to bash against the rocks, slide down the cliff, lose jobs, and lose business and real estate values along with population. We must soon be going from five congressional districts down to four. Perhaps that’s one way to cut short the term of one of the incumbents.

I sure wish there was a way to talk some sense into the Looneys in Hartford. Murphy was an optimist (not related to our Senator)!

Tell your elected officials “NO TOLLS”, “NO STATE CAR TAX”, and “NO FORCED REGIONALIZATION.”

Bill Hillman


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