All Public League baseball team

June 13, 2017 GMT

It’s been a big year for many Public League baseball teams this season. Of course, Frankford captured the Public League and city championships. Obviously, it was a great season for the Pioneers.

However, Overbrook High put together an impressive season making the Public League playoffs. Moreover, the Panthers placed four players on the All-Public League baseball team.

“We had a 7-3 record in the [American] division,” said Overbrook High head baseball coach David DiEva. We came in second to Del-Val [Charter]. We lost to String Theory in the playoffs.

“We had four guys on the All-Public League team. We also had four guys in the Senior All-Star game. Jermaine Corbett, Kauiree Preister, Nasir Devore and Joel Polk made the All-Public League team. Jermaine and Kauiree were our pitchers. They did a great job. Nasir played first base and [is a] pitcher. Joel played shortstop and third base. Ryan Williams played in the Senior All-Star game. This means a lot.”

The Panthers who played in the Senior All-Star game were Williams, Corbett, Polk and Devore. DiEva was one of the coaches in the game.

American Division

First Team: Jahson Schley, Del-Val Charter, outfield, Sr.; Jorae Phillips, Hill Freedman Academy, outfield, Jr.; Jonathan Wilson, Hill Freedman Academy, outfield, Sr.; Kavon Harris, West Philadelphia, infield, So.; Saliekee Roberts, Del-Val Charter, infield, Fr.; Joel Polk, Overbrook, infield, Sr.; Jermaine Corbett, Overbrook, pitcher, Sr.; Nasir Devore, Overbrook, pitcher, Sr.; Kauiree Preister, Overbrook, pitcher, Jr.; Jermaine Newell, Del-Val Charter, first base, Jr.; Hugh Dixon Jr., Hill Freedman Academy, catcher, Jr.; Leon McKnight, Sankofa Freedom Academy, pitcher, So.; Alex Adeshigbin, Hill Freedman Academy, designated hitter, Jr.

Most Valuable Player: Jermaine Newell, Del-Val Charter

National Division

First Team: Nate Teagle III, Saul, outfield, Sr.; Jared Tinneny, Saul, outfield, Sr.; Clyde Russell, Rush, outfield, Sr.; Chris Javier, Ben Franklin, infield, Jr.; William Givens, Simon Gratz, infield, Sr.; Jamie Clothier, Saul, infield, Sr.; Kishawn Kelly, Bartram, first base, Sr.; Justin Billups, School of the Future, first base, Sr.; Kevin Williams, SLA Beeber, catcher, Sr.; Junior Ilarioni, South Philadelphia, catcher, Jr.; Mike Parkinson, SLA Beeber, pitcher, Sr.; Nick Clark, SLA Beeber, pitcher, Sr.; Kharee Jackson, Freire Charter, pitcher, Jr.; Alex Minner, Tacony, pitcher, Sr.; Jose Cruz, Fels, designated hitter, Sr.

Second Team: Damian Cruz, Rush, outfield, Fr.; Raphael Hall, Freire Charter, outfield, Sr.; Antonio Lewis, Dobbins, outfield, Jr.; Jake Ashenfeltor, SLA Beeber, infield, Jr.; Amir Hatchett, Ben Franklin, infield, Jr.; Carlos Mercado, Simon Gratz, infield, So.; Dave Baker, SLA Beeber, first base, Sr.; Amir Saunders, South Philadelphia, first base, Jr.; Jarrett Brown, Bartram, catcher, Sr.; Jeffrey Lapera, Saul, catcher, So.; Joe Blockus, Saul, pitcher, Sr.; Shaquwon Gredic, Freire Charter, pitcher, Sr.; Farred Mizelle, School of the Future, pitcher, Sr.; Cristian Martinez, Ben Franklin, pitcher, So.; Josh Martinez, Maritime, designated hitter, Jr.

Most Valuable Player: Mike Parkinson, SLA Beeber

Liberty Division

First Team: Francis Benis-Nunez, Mariana Bracetti Academy, outfield, Sr.; Brian Wertz, Philadelphia Academy Charter, outfield, Sr.; Cory Little, Boys’ Latin, outfield, Jr.; Miguel Camacho, Mastbaum, infield, Sr.; Gian Franco Borgesi, String Theory, infield, Jr.; Marty Rivera, Kensington, infeld, Sr.; Daniel Martinez, Mastbaumm, first base, Sr.; Briant Loya, Franklin Learning Center, first base, Sr.; Jaron Ellison, Martin Luther King, catcher, Sr.; Isaias Palomares, Franklin Learning Center, catcher, Sr.; Raphael Martinez, Kensington, pitcher, Sr.; Abdur-Rauf Mujahid, Boys’ Latin, pitcher, Sr.; Fred O’Rourke, Furness, pitcher, Sr.; Louis Quiles, Edison, pitcher, So.; Jason Della-Valla, String Theory, designated hitter, Jr.

Second Team: Adonis Fabian, Mastbaum, outfield, Sr.; Salem Salem, Mastbaum, outfield, Sr.; Steve McGill, Boys’ Latin, outfield, Jr.; Jujuan Peel, Roxborough, outfield, Sr.; Jose Ventura, Mariana Bracetti Academy, infield, Jr.; Dennis Pratt, String Theory, infield, Jr.; Don Hoffman, Philadelphia Academy Charter, first base, Jr.; Curtis Newman, String Theory, first base, Sr.; Edwin Gonzalez, Edison, catcher, Sr.; Jacob Pagan, Philadelphia Academy Charter, pitcher, Jr.; Heriberto Bahamonde, Franklin Learning Center, pitcher, So.; Jeffrey Salcedo, Mariana Bracetti Academy, pitcher, Sr.; David Williams, Boys’ Latin, pitcher, Sr.

Most Valuable Player: Miguel Camacho

Independence Division

First Team: Shawn Vega, Olney, outfield, Jr.; Tony Brown, Science Leadership Academy, outfield, Jr.; Kenneth Brough, Lincoln, outfield, Jr.; Bryan Maria, Olney, infield, Sr.; Alana Maimon, Masterman, infield, Jr.; Lukas Supovitz-Aznar, Science Leadership Academy, infield, Sr.; Dioanny Mejia, Frankford, infield, Jr.; Craig Lugo, Frankford, first base, Sr.; Joshua Pagan, Frankford, catcher, Sr.; Carlos Roman, Esperanza, catcher, Jr.; Luis Ramos, Frankford, pitcher, So.; Nick Herrera, Frankford, pitcher, Sr.; Ben Simon, Science Leadership Academy, pitcher, Sr.; Aaron Freeman, Lincoln, designated hitter, Sr.

Second Team: Christian Gomez, Olney, outfield, Jr.; Marcus Collazo, Swenson, outfield, Jr.; Rico Lugo, Frankford, outfield, So.; Cristian Castro, Northeast, infield, Sr.; Rob Henry, Franklin Towne Charter, infield, Sr.; Eric Cantor, George Washington, infield, Jr.; Victor Cerda, Lincoln, infield, Jr.; Mateen Bradley, Prep Charter, first base, Sr.; Alex Bautista, Swenson, catcher, Jr.; Jason Santiago, Franklin Towne Charter, catcher, Sr.; Liam Shanahan, Masterman, pitcher, Sr.; Erik Lipson, GAMP, pitcher, Fr.; Danny Holdsman, Central, pitcher, Sr.; Andrew Ragni, GAMP, designated hitter, Sr.

Most Valuable Player: Nick Herrera