35 years strong and counting

February 8, 2019

Yes, it’s finally February!

As much as January did not fly by, we did get a lot of behind the scenes action done here at Keep Columbus Beautiful.

First off, we are celebrating 35 years in the Columbus community! It is also our busiest time of the year for grants. At Keep Columbus Beautiful, we rely on grants for pretty much all that we do. Everything from making sure our phone works to having stamps. Right now, however, we just completed the grants for electronic recycling, collecting household hazardous waste, and for a scrap tire collection. The due date for these grants is Feb. 13. There is a waiting period for us in order to receive confirmation of funds for these projects so hopefully we will hear back with good news in early May.

Also, we are getting ready to pack up and head to the Keep America Beautiful conference in Baltimore, Maryland this week. This is an annual event where we can get together and celebrate successes of our programs, what innovative projects others are doing, and most importantly to learn how to Keep America Beautiful as a collaborative effort. We attend workshops on engaging communities, recycling, and waste reduction. We hope to come back with great new ideas and our new knowledge to better our community. With this being said, we may not answer the KCB phone right away, but please leave us a message and we will get back to you.

Lastly, we are very excited to see the recommendations from Firstar Fiber of Omaha in regard to the City of Columbus’ recycling plan. It has been a lengthy process and we are so thankful for the residents of Columbus’ patience while this gets figured out. Firstar is hoping to present to the City Council in a couple weeks. If interested in attending this city council meeting, keep an eye out for that agenda item. You can find this information on the City of Columbus website under the government tab then city council. Being our 35th year serving our community we hope to get recycling up and going and continuing to educate the community on litter prevention and recycling opportunities to better our Columbus Community.

Vanessa Oceguera is the executive director of Keep Columbus Beautiful. Her column is published in The Columbus Telegram every second Friday of the month.