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Tattoo ink and cremated ashes mix in living memorials

April 26, 2018 GMT

By Staff

Banshee the cat finally got under Tim Shallbetter’s skin.

For almost a decade, he lovingly nursed his fur friend through chronic renal failure, proving wrong the veterinarian who had given him four months to live. With kidney medication, a special diet and weekly subcutaneous fluids, Banshee made it all the way to age 18. When he died in 2016, Shallbetter wanted to keep his “miracle cat” forever near. He ground some of Banshee’s cremated remains into a fine powder, put the dust in a plastic zipper bag, and with a posthumous paw print in hand, headed for a tattoo convention near his home in Duluth, Minn.

Timothy Shallbetter Tim Shallbetter had his veterinarian take a paw print of his cat, Banshee, when he died. Some of the ashes were sprinkled into one of the tattoo artist’s ink cups to incorporate his cremains into the living memorial.

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