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MoviePass, Sinemia announce new plans in response to AMC’s movie subscription service

June 22, 2018

MoviePass, Sinemia announce new plans in response to AMC’s movie subscription service

CLEVELAND, Ohio -- It didn’t take long after AMC unveiled plans for a movie subscription service for its competitors to respond with news of their own.

MoviePass, by far the most popular movie subscription service with more than three million members, told Business Insider it will add bring-a-friend and IMAX/3-D options -- at an additional cost, of course -- by the end of the summer. CEO Mitch Lowe said subscribers will be able to buy tickets on their MoviePass for friends not on the service at a cost “near the retail price of a ticket.”

The price to upgrade to a 3-D or IMAX film will range from $2 to $6, he said.

But it’s this next change, coming in July, that might rankle MoviePass customers. Not long after accusing AMC of prioritizing profit over accessibility, the company announced that it will begin charging subscribers an extra $2 for “high demand movies” at certain times such as opening weekend.

Though it’s not clear how MoviePass will determine which movies and how often films will be subject to surge pricing, Lowe told Business Insider the change is designed to “make sure that we can continue to offer a valuable service and support the whole enterprise.”

Meanwhile, Sinemia, MoviePass’s closest competitor, is responding to AMC’s new program by introducing family plans to the service. The plans vary in prices, starting at $8.99 for one movie a month for two people and up to $89.99 for three movies a month for six people.

“We take an analytical approach to the market, and after looking at the data from the five countries where Sinemia is available, we believe these new plans are are the best fit for families and friend groups ranging from two to six people,” Sinemia CEO Rifat Oguz said in a press release.

AMC’s plan, by the way, allows subscribers to see up to three movies per week at any of the chain’s theaters for $19.95 a month.