Ed Sheeran failed his driving test because of his mum

March 4, 2017 GMT

Ed Sheeran failed his driving test because he answered a phone call from his mum.

The 26-year-old singer took two attempts at the test before he was handed his licence, and has admitted the only reason he didn’t pass the first time was because his mother phoned him and he decided to break the law and answer whilst driving instead of ignoring the call.

Speaking to fellow musician Rick Astley whilst the pair played Jenga on UK radio station Magic Radio, the ‘Castle on the Hill hitmaker said: “I had my phone in the car, and as I was going round a roundabout my mum rang me to see if I passed my test, and instead of ignoring it I picked it up and said ’sorry mum I’m doing my driving test.”

And although Ed has now passed his test, he still won’t drive the flashy sports car he bought with his vast fortune because he thinks it makes him look like a “t*t.”

He said previously: “I did what any bloke would do - sorted my family out, bought a sports car that I never drive because I look like a tit in it, bought a house and built a pub in my garden. I spoke to every dude I know and I was like, ‘What would you do in the same position?’ and they went ‘Build a pub.’”

The ‘Shape of You’ singer didn’t just splash his cash on fancy cars and pubs though, as he also admitted to having a gym and a swimming pool installed in his parents’ house so they can stay fit and healthy.

He said: “I think any kid at my age starts getting worried about their parents’ health.

“I have bought them a cross-trainer and built them a swimming pool.

“They are now training and swimming every day. I want them to be able to hang out with their grandkids for a very long time.”