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Dallas Business Blames Roundabout For Financial Woes

October 24, 2018

DALLAS — After 38 years in business in the same location, Dallas Centre Hardware is restructuring its store with a major focus on plumbing and heating merchandise.

Second generation owner Michele Geise said they were forced to restructure because the roundabout construction near their business crushed them financially. The roundabout project started with utility work two years ago.

“That’s when we saw a drop off of business and it continually got worse and worse,” Geise said.

The hardware store has been temporarily closed for repricing and it will reopen Thursday at 8 a.m. with a total stock liquidation sale. Every item in the store will be marked up to 50 percent off, Geise said.

That includes lawn and garden supplies, lawn chemicals, trash cans, cleaning supplies, paint, lock sets, fasteners, nuts, bolts, screws, electrical, hand tools and Christmas items. All store fixtures, furniture and equipment also will be sold. The sale will continue until the items are sold, she said.

Geise said they still will provide customer service and other things they do now but “we won’t be carrying nearly as much.”

“It will still be a retail location but it will be scaled down,” she said. “Every single item in our store is part of the sale. I need as much capital as I can get to move on to the next phase of my life.”

She said the decision to have a liquidation sale and restructure to focus on plumbing and heating merchandise was made after careful consideration after so many years in business.

Her father Jim Eason started the business in 1981. Her three children also have worked at the hardware store.


Most of the work was recently completed at the new roundabout near the hardware store but after months of on and off construction, Geise said it created an inconvenience for customers who were unfamiliar with the area and didn’t know how to get to her store at 44 Main St.

She said the project “really put a lot of damage on the businesses in Dallas.”

While she likes the roundabout and thinks it will work out well in that area, she said “the damage we had sustained during construction was so severe that coming back from that has been nearly impossible.”

“We did not see too much of a difference with business after it opened,” she said.

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