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Reports of aggressive coyotes close Weston preserve

May 24, 2019 GMT

WESTON — Reports of aggressive coyotes in the area have closed the Nature Conservancy’s Katharine Ordway Preserve in Weston to visitors until further notice.

According to a Facebook post made Thursday, the coyotes are likely “denning” on the 60-acre preserve, meaning they are protective of their dens and possible newborn pups.

Denning could be an explanation for why the animals are being aggressive right now, conservation outreach and Devils’ Den Preserve manager Cynthia Fowx ssuggested, but “we’re still assessing the situation.”

Residents are asked to call animal control officers at 203-222-2642 to report coyote sightings or incidents, which will help the conservancy gather more information about their whereabouts, Fowx said.


“If we have more information, likely we will change our messaging on the town website,” Fowx said, adding the conservancy is coordinating with the town to convey information to the public.

The conservancy can be reached at 203-226-4991, ext. 116.