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Letter to the editor: Trump more like Churchill

September 7, 2018 GMT

I know schools are not teaching history to show the ills and triumphs of the world’s past like they did 40 years ago, so I wasn’t shocked to read Karen Shackelford’s lack of knowledge on this important subject (“Trump stoking fires,” Aug. 14).

Comparing President Trump to Hitler is a sad, unreasonable comparison, even among the “unhinged” sector. Comparing him to Churchill would be a much better analogy. Churchill had to clean up the mess left by Neville Chamberlain’s lack of action. Trump must take action to alleviate the problems left by President Obama’s lack of action on North Korea and ISIS.

Shackelford’s “fake news” words -- “racism,” “Hitleresque” -- don’t raise the level of the conversation. The list of Trump’s accomplishments in his first 18 months as president is too long to write, but a tweet or name-call to someone erases the entire list and makes him deserve every derogatory remark? So who’s on the side of fairness, unity, kindness and tolerance?

Denny Biava

Mount Pleasant