The Bet Box: Patriots are no longer Gronk’s brother’s keeper

November 11, 2016 GMT

When Tom Brady runs for president after he retires from football in about 10 years, then bring up the Trump vote, but now it’s all about Seattle.

And a now divided locker room!

Yes, the Pats are back, and, after another boring Pats-less bye week, there is trouble at The Stadium At The Mall, and it’s not because Jamie Collins is in Cleveland. It’s that Glenn Gronkowski is no longer a practice squader.

And the real Gronk is seething.

Big brother Rob went slightly loopy this week, spiking waste baskets, tearing up game plans, banging his helmetless head against Bill Belichick’s door and frothing like a young bull in heat once he learned that bro Glenn was let go.

“I didn’t even know we had another Gronk here,” said one unnamed Patriots backup quarterback.

You can deal Collins, even trade Josh Kline and exile Cyrus Jones to laundry duty. But cut baby Gronk?! You are in for trouble when messing with the Gronks, even if it’s only a one-man Rob rebellion.

Now there’s word that Gronk will game plan things his own way Sunday night against the Seahawks, go freelancing his pass routes, block when he feels like it, draw a flag or three and, get this, never spike his touchdown catches again.

Oh my!

One will expect Gronk to be calmed down by gametime. But please don’t let him know what unreliable sources in the locker room found out today — that his brother Glenn voted for president the Brady-Belichick Patriot Way — Donald Trump.

Is it possible a dropped pass or two may now be in Gronk’s game plan, too?


Seattle at Patriots (-71/2) — Super Bowl XLIX. Malcolm Butler. Pete Carroll. Here, Carroll decides to run the ball on fourth-and-20 .?.?. at his own 8-yard line .?.?. down 4 points .?.?. less than a minute to go .?.?. with no timeouts. Says he thought he still had Marshawn Lynch in the backfield. Thank you, Petey. Pats, 30-14.

Salute to service:

Houston (-2) at Jacksonville — The Jags got a chance here. The Texans are perfectly winless on the road. Jaguars, 17-16.

Kansas City at Carolina (-3) — Please don’t hit Cam Newton anymore. You’ll find yourself on tape in the commissioner’s office. Chiefs, 20-16.

Denver at New Orleans (-3) — The Broncos are underdogs to the Saints? What is this, 2009 in New Orleans! Broncos, 31-24.

Los Angeles at N.Y. Jets (-2) — Keep the coffee hot and plentiful for this sleep-a-thon. Jets, 8-3.

Atlanta (-2) at Philadelphia — Let’s toss some footballs around, baby. Matt Ryan tosses ’em a whole lot better these days than Carson Wentz. Falcons, 27-14.

Minnesota at Washington (-21/2) — Hey, Vikings. WAKE UP!! Vikings, 20-17.

Green Bay (-3) at Tennessee — That guy walking around with a bewildered look in his eyes looks a lot like Aaron Rodgers. Packers, 34-24.

Chicago (-1) at Tampa Bay — The toss-out game of the week, like right into Tampa Bay. Buccaneers, 9-7.

Miami at San Diego (-4) — Just when Dolphins fans think their team can make the playoffs, the Fins take the usual pounding. Chargers, 32-16.

San Francisco at Arizona (-131/2) — Everybody’s smacking around the Niners. But they show some pride here. Cardinals 26-23.

Dallas at Pittsburgh (-21/2) — This nonsense in Dallas has got to stop somewhere. Steelers, 24-20.

Cincinnati (-1) at N.Y. Giants — All of a sudden, the Bengals defense can’t stop anyone. They won’t here either. Giants, 31-20.

Last week: 8-3-2

Season: 72-55-6