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Abortion is a personal — and global — issue

May 2, 2018 GMT

Why does The New Mexican fan the flames of conflict by devoting a byline from Kevin D. Williamson, a hate-mongering, anti-abortion zealot (“The punishment I favor for abortion,” Commentary, April 27)? One who is delusional enough to flatter himself as a “libertarian,” before going on to apparently advocate stiff prison sentences for anyone involved in an abortion process. He is not saying anything new.

Yes, an abortion may involve two bodies, but the authoritarian Williamson cannot prove when the fetus’s soul enters the body, and on a permanent basis. For this reason — and however regrettable — a fetus does not have the same rights as an adult. Practically, this is not just just a personal issue but a global one too, given that the population explosion increasingly is the root cause of our planet’s dire problems. One would have to be willfully ignorant — or brainwashed by the church — not to see this.

Barry Hatfield

Santa Fe

More transparency

Santa Fe Public Schools Superintendent Veronica García suggested cutting back administrative positions to save money (“Despite $1.6M deficit, SFPS board pushes bonuses,” April 25). Yet board President Steven Carrillo had concerns that such cuts could “cause unwarranted strain on those remaining.” He doesn’t want staff working 60 hours a week. Perhaps Mr. Carrillo and the SFPS board should be reminded that most teachers and school administrators at lower pay-grades work above and beyond their contract hours, and many staff members take on other jobs to supplement their incomes. A question that remains for many school employees is what are the responsibilities and salaries of these administrative positions? There continues to be the sense among many that the administration is bigger than it was before Superintendent Joel Boyd’s tenure. The district should be transparent about this, publishing all positions and salaries, as Albuquerque Public Schools, our city and county do.

Bert E. Louis

Santa Fe

A stupid idea

The Trump administration has just released its cruel plan to raise the rents of people living in public housing to the tune of $3.2 billion in total, affecting roughly 1.7 million people. This is essentially a tax on the poor to help pay for the recent tax cuts for the rich. Not only does this mean seniors on fixed incomes, the disabled and low wage workers will have less to spend on their other needs, it also takes that $3.2 billion out of local economies since low income people generally spend all of their income at local businesses. Hopefully, Congress will not go along with this stupid idea.

Hank Hughes

executive director

New Mexico Coalition to End Homelessness

Santa Fe

Nothing more

When I first read John Rosemond’s column (“No, guns are not the problem,” Living with Children, Feb. 11), claiming that lack of discipline caused these many shootings, I decided not to waste time responding, presuming other sane people would do so. Several people did. However, other people defended Rosemond, claiming that a newspaper should be open to all opinions and that Rosemond’s column shouldn’t be purged from the newspaper.

Nevertheless, Rosemond’s defenders have not addressed one basic fact — Rosemond claimed that he had proof of his position, yet nowhere in the column did he show any of that proof. Nor has he since. Therefore, at this point, Rosemond has shown himself to be nothing more than an opinionated crackpot. His column should be eliminated, not because of his position, but rather for his willingness to air controversial opinions without any proof.

Richard Shapiro

Santa Fe