Boughton, Danbury featured on Fox morning program about Amazon 2HQ

October 19, 2017 GMT

DANBURY - The city’s longshot bid to woo Amazon’s second world headquarters here earned eight minutes of fame Thursday on the Fox business news program “Mornings With Maria.”

The city’s longtime GOP Mayor Mark Boughton was in the studio for the early morning television show, telling host Maria Bartiromo why Amazon should invest $5 billion in a small city from a small state over heavyweight contenders such as Chicago.

“You miss 100 percent of the shots you don’t take, so we are going to take our shot,” Boughton said, noting that the new headquarters could employ 50,000.

“The economic spinoff and derivative will be incredible, and transform Connecticut,” he said. “I think this will lead the Connecticut comeback.”

Connecticut Comeback, by the way, is the slogan for Boughton’s exploratory campaign for governor in 2018.

“So you posted a video on Facebook, didn’t you?” Bartiromo said.

“I did, and Alexa said Amazon’s second world headquarters should be in Danbury, Connecticut,” Boughton said, referring to the voice service device.

“We have the clip - let’s watch,” Bartiromo said.

The Fox program cut to the end of a promotional video City Hall produced in mid-September.

“So, Alexa, where is the best place for Amazon to locate its second world headquarters,” Boughton asks on the video. “Danbury Connecticut,” Alexa responds.

The cameras cut back to the studio, where Boughton raised his arms and said “She’s on point all the time.”

The host loved it.

“Hahaha,” Bartiromo exclaimed. “Alexa knew!”

The episode was not all about Danbury. A few minutes were devoted to a pitch by Tulsa, Oklahoma, for the Amazon bid.

The final two minutes of the Fox segment turned to Boughton himself, and his likely run for governor in 2018.