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New Stop Signs Will Address Traffic Flow

December 22, 2017

LEOMINSTER -- City Council President David Cormier expects to request the installation of 30 new stop signs in his ward in the coming year to address changes in traffic flow through certain parts of the city.

“Over the years, some of these roads were probably a little more rural, they were small neighborhood streets,” Cormier said. “With the growth of Leominster, we’ve seen cut-throughs in our neighborhoods. It’s time to go through everything and make sure all our signage is up to date.”

The list of 30 locations Cormier has identified so far are confined to Ward 3, his home ward. He said that Hawthorne Road, Research Drive, and Tanzio Road would be among the streets where new signs could be added.

“I’ve talked to some of the other councilors and told them what I’ve found so far. I don’t think Ward 3 is unique, there are probably others that need an ordinance or a sign,” Cormier said. “Hopefully, they’ll find some time and go through the same exercises I did.”

Cormier explained that he decided to request the creation of new stop signs in his ward after getting several requests from constituents during his recent re-election campaign.

Before he submits any of these requests, however, he said he would want to make sure the city’s records for stop signs in Ward 3 are up to date first. Some intersections where traffic lights have replaced stop signs are still listed as having stop signs, whereas newer streets where stop signs would have been recently installed still aren’t listed in the city’s records.

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