Cris Olson elected as new Beaver Dam council president

April 18, 2019 GMT

Cris Olson is the new president of the Beaver Dam Common Council.

The council held its inaugural meeting on Tuesday night with two new members following the election earlier this month. Jack Yuds defeated Robert Ballweg, the previous council president, in the spring election for Ward 7. Jaclyn Shelton replaced Lisa Davidson in Ward 9, who decided not to run for re-election.

Olson was nominated alongside Mary Morgan. He was chosen on an 8-5 vote done by secret ballot. Olson and Morgan were each elected in 2014.

Mayor Becky Glewen nominated Kara Nelson to be the new chair of the administrative committee, following Davidson. She nominated Therese Henriksen to be the new chair of the operations committee, following Olson. Shelton will serve on the administrative committee and Yuds will serve on the operations committee.

Glewen’s appointments to the two major committees as well as other committees and boards for the city were approved by the new council in a 9-4 vote. Yuds, Morgan, Mick Fischer and Ken Anderson voted against her appointments.

In her speech on Tuesday, Glewen reflected on past projects and development in Beaver Dam, including under the leadership of Mary Spellman. Elected in 1934, Spellman was the first woman to win a mayoral vote in Wisconsin and paved the way for women in city leadership today.