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Second Chinese College Sends Freshmen for Year of Army Training

September 21, 1990 GMT

BEIJING (AP) _ Freshmen from a second university have begun a year of military training intended to increase their patriotic fervor and free them of Western influences, an official newspaper reports.

The 591 freshmen of Shanghai’s prestigious Fudan University reported to the Nanchang Military Academy this week, Wednesday’s Wenhui Daily reported. The paper was seen in Beijing on Thursday.

Last year, Beijing University’s freshmen class underwent a year of training at an army base in northern China, and this year’s incoming students are required to do the same. After their year at the base, the students begin their regular four-year work toward a degree.


The yearlong army stint was prompted by last year’s massive, student-led pro-democracy movement in Beijing, which the army crushed on orders from the central government.

The Chinese leadership has blamed the protests in part on lax ideological education as China opened to the rest of the world and absorbed Western influences.

Now, the study of Marxism and the teachings of revolutionary leader Mao Tse-tung have once again become all-important.

The Fudan students will take 18 courses, including seven in political study and eight in military training, during their stint at the army base in southeastern China’s Jiangxi province, the newspaper reported.

″This period of military training will be the most memorable and cherished period in our life,″ one student from Shanghai was quoted as saying.