Giving Fund: Holiday season is a time to share

December 20, 2018 GMT

Every Thursday and Sunday through the end of the year, the Stamford Advocate and Greenwich Time are publishing short stories about local families and people in need of a helping hand.

Each case will include an estimated dollar amount that would help them face everyday challenges like rent payments, child care costs and transportation. Every dollar donated to the Giving Fund goes directly to the people in need — like Anna, who is supporting her two grandchildren on just a part-time job. (The names of those included have been changed to protect their privacy.)

To support one of these or another community member this year, chose the corresponding case number at The Giving Fund donation page.


The Stamford Advocate and Greenwich Time sponsors The Giving Fund in partnership with Family Centers and Person-to-Person.

Here are some of their stories:

Case #375

Eduardo is a devoted 53-year-old husband who takes care of his wife and 18-year-old son. Eduardo injured his back in May and has been unable to return to work. He used money from his savings to support his family during this time, and now he is struggling to pay his rent and keep up with his medical bills. Recently Eduardo’s wife, Carmen, lost her mom and couldn’t travel to her native country Ecuador to pay her last respects due to a lack of income.

A $500 gift would help this family get back on their feet.

To contribute, click here and select case #375.

Case #376

Joanne has battled chronic health issues since birth. She has struggled with the symptoms and has made drastic lifestyle changes in an attempt to alleviate some of the pain associated with her condition. Despite her best efforts, Joanne is bedridden at least a few days per month due to extreme pain. Her employer has cut her work hours and placed her on a per diem status.

A $500 gift would help Joanne stay afloat as she seeks more stable employment.

To contribute, click here and select case #376.

Case #377

Anna lives in a small public housing unit with her two grandchildren. Recently, Ana lost her full-time job, and she tried to support her family with part-time employment and by working odd-jobs around town. Because of a lack of income, she has fallen behind on rent and is facing eviction.

A gift of $500 would help Ana keep a roof over her grandchildren’s heads.

To contribute, click here and select case #377.

Case #378

Asher lives with her mother and sister. She is unable to sleep at night because she has outgrown her bed. This lack of sleep affects her ability to function at school. Due to a recent hospitalization, Asher’s mother is unable to afford a new bed for her.


A gift of $400 would enable Asher to get a new bed.

To contribute, click here and select case #378.

Case #379

Portia is a single mother who lives with two children, and despite working two part-time jobs, is struggling financially to meet her monthly expenses. She recently paid part of a college bill for her oldest child, who also received scholarships. This expense has caused an issue with the family budget, but it is necessary for her child’s future.

A gift of $500 would help her pay her bills and have a peaceful season.

To contribute, click here and select case #379.