George Clooney’s twins to go into humanitarian work

June 17, 2017

George Clooney’s mother-in-law hopes his twins bring “harmony and human rights” to the world.

The ‘Monuments Men’ actor and his wife, lawyer Amal Clooney, welcomed babies Ella and Alexander into the world last week, and writer-and-broadcaster Baria Alamuddin is convinced the “beautiful” tots will grow up to work on humanitarian causes, much like their parents.

She said: “The babies are so beautiful and our family is complete.

“They are going to bring so much joy and I hope they will be as good as their parents at bringing harmony and human rights to the world.

“Myself and my husband are thrilled. Amal is doing very well and they are extremely happy and overjoyed.”

And Baria couldn’t be more “thrilled” to have more grandchildren in her life.

She told HELLO! magazine: “This is a very happy time in my life and I’m thrilled to be a grandmother again - I now have eight perfect grandchildren. I am very well practiced!

“Nothing rivals being a mother except being a grandmother, it’s one of the great joys of life.”

Baria previously revealed her daughter and son-in-law have settled into their new lives as parents very quickly.

She said: “Oh my god, Amal and George were so beautiful, they were so happy, so contented.

“You just look at them and you feel like they’ve been a mother and father for their whole lives.”

And Baria admits it was a “beautiful feeling” seeing the “joy” on Amal and George’s faces when the babies arrived.

She added: “Seeing these two angels, these stunningly beautiful babies ... cuddled together, and seeing the joy on Amal and George’s faces, it’s one of those deeply felt beautiful feelings you can’t express in words.

″[It brought us] almost unrealistic pure joy [and left me feeling like] the most blessed human being on earth.”