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Mid-term elections are fast approaching

October 29, 2018 GMT

It’s hard to ignore the fact that the mid-term elections are fast approaching. In today’s society, the political news is constantly thrown at us from all directions. Our phones, our TVs and our car radios all bless us with the gory details of everything we need to hear — and lots that we don’t.

The news is everywhere; yet too many of America’s teens (specifically those from rural America) want nothing to do with politics, and could care less about the approaching elections.

I think one reason for this disinterest is the fact that today’s teens already have enough to worry about — things that will have immediate consequences if not taken care of. While not participating in politics definitely has consequences, these consequences are not immediately seen or felt, especially by those who are not directly impacted themselves.

In order to get teens to see the long-term effects of a lack of participation in politics, adults and school administrators need to get kids involved in local politics from a young age. For example, high school freshmen could identify things they find wrong within their schools, and write letters to their administrators asking for change.

When a student successfully changes something within his or her own school, he or she (and the rest of his or her classmates) will see what an impact taking action can have, and will want to continue to do so in the future.