Ashland to offer paid recycling option for those outside city limits

December 17, 2018

ASHLAND - The city of Ashland will open its recycling bins for residents outside Ashland for $100 per year starting Jan. 1, said Mayor Steve Gilmore.

Ashland residents will still be able to use the recycling bins beneath the two bridges to Ohio at no extra charge. City residents already pay a monthly $22 fee for garbage fees. Residents in Ohio and West Virginia can participate in the change approved this week by the Ashland Board of City Commissioners.

Boyd County residents outside Ashland had asked the city to come up with a fee that would allow them to recycle, Gilmore said. City officials came up with the annual $100 fee, which will be pro-rated for those who would like to participate after January, he said.

The city looked at doing curbside recycling for an extra $15 fee, but residents didn’t want to pay the extra costs, Gilmore said.

“We did a survey with the utility bills,” he said. “The vast majority didn’t want to pay it.”

“It’s a nationwide problem,” Gilmore said of recycling costs. “No one makes money on recycling. It’s a costly endeavor. While some people don’t care about recycling, others do. We need to make it convenient for them. We’re trying to do the right thing.”

Several years ago, the city had recycling bins along Oakview Road near Ashland Community and Technical College and at the Walmart.

“People would leave TV sets, couches and chairs. We had a large number of people from Ohio and from Huntington,” Gilmore said. The city subsequently moved its recycling bins to downtown Ashland in a fenced in area beneath the two bridges.

The city accepts aluminum cans, paper products and cardboard, but not glass and wood products. Those recycling cans have to dump them out of plastic bags and containers and then dispose of the plastic, since it gums up the recycling process, Gilmore said.

While Lawrence County currently is without its recycling program, it will be back open again starting Jan. 2, but not at the Sam’s and Walmart in Burlington, Ohio, a popular site for both in- and out-of-state recyclers to use.

Acceptable recyclable materials:

>> Plastic: including soda bottles, milk containers, toiletry bottles, or any bottle with the #1 or #2 printed on the bottom. Please rinse and flatten.

>> Paper: including white paper, notebook paper, manila folders, mail/envelopes, computer paper, brown papers (grocery, cardboard), newspapers and phone books.

>> Cans: including aluminum and bi-metal beverage cans, steel food/tin cans, or empty aerosol cans. Please rinse and flatten as able.

Any other materials placed in these bins will cause the dumpster to be contaminated and, in turn, must be disposed of as regular trash. For more information, visit http://www.ashlandky.gov/departments/public_works/solidwaste.php.

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