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Kegler’s Korner: Speed Queen League

March 1, 2019 GMT

The Speed Queen league from Boulevard Lanes is this week’s featured league.

This Friday night co-ed league has 10 teams and competes for 35 weeks with the winners of each half facing off for the league title. With 26 weeks in the books, there was a tie for the first half. The defending champions, Gus’s Pro Shop and K L Schroeder CPA will have a roll-off to determine who will be in the finals.

Diana Olsufka, David Olsufka, Gus Schrad, Craig Olsufka, Marty Altstadt, Tami Altstadt, Kendall Howser, Bryan Howser, Brady Hoefer, Bob Augustine and Kim Kohl have all bowled for Gus’s Pro Shop.


B J Opplinger, Mary Ann Schroeder, Gary Goodrich, Russell Rahtz, Brad Reisdorff, Eric Johnson, Kelly Schroeder, Sheila Lusche, Brian Dreifurst, Lowell Brock and Tami Schroeder have bowled for K L Schroeder CPA.

At the start of league play on Feb. 15, J N J Vapor was in first place with a 25-7 record. J N J have used 11 bowlers this season. Heather Jakub, Derek Birran, Jesse Timm, Hayley Timm, Tara Birman and Joe Welch have bowled 36 games or more. Jason Jakub, Lee Lorentzen, Chris Scheel, Jerome Jakub and Nathan Bordy have bowled 15 games or less.

Gus’s Pro Shop has the high team series with a 2993. K L Schroeder CPA has the high team game with a 1085.

On the individual side of things for the men, Marty Altstadt has the high game with a 300. Tyler Peterson has the high series with a 788. Alden Elm holds the high average with a 209.

Shayna Hogan holds all three of the top honors for the ladies with a 256 game, 649 series and 196 average. To be eligible for the high average, one must have bowled at least half the season.

League play saw Gus’s Pro Shop roll the high team game with a 918. The high team series of a 2588 was shot by Tattooed Mama’s. Breanna Johnson, Tiffany Rerucha, Tyler Wagner, Chris Lute and Stephanie Coughtry make up the Tattooed Mama’s.

Leading the way for the men was Wagner with his 258 (+56) game and 648 series. On the ladies side of things, Hogan had both the high game and series with a 212 and a 594.

Three bowlers hit the 40/90 club - at least 40 pins over average for a game and at least 90 pins over series average. Breanna Johnson led the way with a 192 (+65) game and a 518 (+137) series. Birran was next with a 234 (+80) game and a 569 (+107) series. Finally, Melanie Plummer had a 172 (+41) and a 487 (+94) series.

There were 14 others who shot games that were at least 30 pins over their averages. Dreifurst shot a 235 (+72), T D DeWine had a 199 (+60), Lauri Novacek rolled a 201 (+58), Traci Obershaw with a 191 (+57), Kendall Howser’s 238 (+45), Tami Altstadt tossed a 164 (+45) and Alex Harris shot a 190 (+41).


Marty Altstadt had a 229 (+40), Hayley Timm shot a 167 (+35), Michelle Bishop tossed a 165 (+35), Lynn Slusarski rolled a 182 (+34), Julia Wombacher fired a 173 (+32), Stacy Loveless had a 153 (+31) and last, but not least, Sam Korgie shot a 154 (+30). Nice bowling to one and all.

Matt Burbach and Dennis Meyer tied for the high game at Boulevard Lanes with a 280. The high series for the men was a 729 by Wyatt Ellis. The ladies were led by Stacie Rickert, Shayla Long and Shayna Hogan. Rickert shot the high game with a 257, while Long and Hogan tied for the high series with a 594.

Slizoski led the men for the week at Westbrook Lanes with a 268 game and a 752 series. The ladies were led by Shawna Woosley with her first career 300 game and a 750 series. Woosley joins Shelley Renner, Chere Moon, Ashley Podliska and Emily Hoefer to roll a perfect game.

Next week I’ll feature the upcoming Hall of Fame & Awards Banquet.

Chuck McCarthy is a freelance writer for The Columbus Telegram. Pick up his weekly editions of Kegler’s Korner every Thursday.