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Girl undergoes rotationplasty surgery, will receive more chemo in fight against bone cancer

October 25, 2017

FILER — A Filer 12-year-old is recovering from an uncommon type of surgery as she battles bone cancer.

Mia Trease underwent rotationplasty surgery Oct. 12 at Primary Children’s Hospital in Salt Lake City. After about a week recovering in the hospital, she arrived home Wednesday night.

The bottom of her femur, knee and upper tibia were removed along with a tumor. Then, her lower leg was rotated 180 degrees and attached to the femur. Her foot is backwards at the end of her thigh, essentially functioning as a knee, which she’ll use with a prosthetic lower leg.

Mia has osteosarcoma, a type of cancer that starts in bones. The cancer is in her thigh, femur and knee and has spread to her lungs. She’s now undergoing another round of chemotherapy.

The surgery earlier this month went well, her mother, Amaris Trease said, and took a little more than 10 hours. “But everything is working as it’s supposed to be. She has good movement in her foot.”

One new challenge, though: her knee alignment doesn’t match.

“Her new knee is a lot lower than her other knee,” Trease said, but she hopes her daughter will grow in the future.

She expects it will be at least a couple of months before Mia can get a prosthetic made for her leg.

Mia goes back to Primary Children’s Hospital for a post-surgical appointment on Halloween and starts chemotherapy again that afternoon.

After two more rounds of chemo, she’ll have an imaging test done to see if the cancer in her lungs has improved. At the last scan, it hadn’t.

If there aren’t signs of improvement, Mia will undergo lung surgery in January. But Trease said she’s praying that won’t happen.

This summer, Mia’s medical issues began while she was playing on a traveling softball team and her knee started hurting.

During a softball tournament in mid-July, her parents received a call saying test results showed Mia had a tumor on her leg.

She was instructed to leave the game immediately and go to the hospital to get an MRI. Within a few days, she was meeting with a surgeon and undergoing a biopsy at Primary Children’s Hospital.

Since then, community members and school groups have organized fundraisers to help Mia and her family.

“The love shown to our family has just been amazing,” Trease said.

The day before they left for Mia’s surgery, they received many phone calls, messages and Facebook posts from people encouraging others to pray for Mia.

How can you help? “We need prayers,” Trease said. “She still has a long road ahead of her.”