Tessa Thompson pretends to like terrible Christmas gifts

December 12, 2018 GMT

Tessa Thompson pretends to like any terrible Christmas gifts she’s given.

The 35-year-old star has admitted to occasionally using her acting talents when she’s been handed awful presents by any of her friends or family.

She shared: “We’re not big shoppers in my family - my parents make stuff instead. My dad will take a found photograph and frame it; my mom is this incredible artist who can weave things and make things by hand. Everything she does is really beautiful.

“I’m lucky in my family, but ... yeah, okay, I’ll tell you: I’ve been given a couple questionable purses. I look at them and think, ‘Okay, can I make this work? What can I try?’ .... It’s a very nice gesture, but not for me.”

Despite her disappointment, Tessa has always tried to remain polite and appreciative.

She told Elle magazine: “You know, you can still be grateful for a gift even if you don’t like it. I think saying ‘Thank you’ sincerely isn’t dependent on the gift. It’s about the effort and the thought. You can always be real about that.”

Meanwhile, Michael B Jordan - Tessa’s ‘Creed II’ co-star - recently admitted he sees himself as a “giver”.

The actor revealed he likes to do things for other people, but over the years, he’s struck a “nice little balance” between finding time for himself and also taking care of others.

Michael said: “For me, I’m always a giver. I’m a pleaser, you know, a fixer. I do a lot of things for other people. That’s something that just comes with me. It’s okay, it’s who I am.

“Obviously everyone has their own limits, but I think I’ve found a nice little balance between not spreading myself too thin and, at the same time, helping people.”